Forensic psychology Coursework

The forensic sequence includes five courses for a total of 15 credits.  This sequence of courses and their content have been carefully designed to fulfill training requirements and competencies for forensic psychologists published in the literature (DeMatteo, Marczyk, Krauss, & Burl, 2009), and by relevant professional bodies (e.g. APA Division 41, AAFP).  While students in the Forensic Area of Emphasis will receive broad training in all areas of psychology that pertain to the legal system, emphasis is placed on content specific to the clinical practice of forensic psychology.  To continue in the Forensic Area of Emphasis, students must complete and maintain a 3.67 (A-) average in the following elective courses:

  • CLIN831 Forensic Psychology I

  • CLIN832 Forensic Psychology II

  • ASMT830 Forensic Assessment

  • CLIN830 Advanced Ethical and Legal Issues in Forensic Psychology

  • CLIN833 Advanced Forensic Psychology Seminar*

*Note: In order to facilitate the growing number of forensic students who wish to build expertise in Neuropsychology, Trauma Psychology or Diversity and Community Mental Health, specific courses from those Areas of Emphasis may be able to count as meeting the Forensic AoE Seminar requirement.  Please contact the Director of the Forensic AoE to inquire about which courses are currently being cross-listed.  Students looking to customize their training experience toward a career in correctional treatment and rehabilitation may also petition the Director to count courses focusing on Substance Abuse diagnosis and treatment.